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Waste of money!! Stereotypical and wrong!!

Don’t buy this app! It is a waste of money and stereotypes the wonderful Italian people and culture in a negative American perspective. Please remove from Apple Apps!


Like others, I’m concerned about the full access business. I tried to look at the privacy policy and got a “content not available” message, so now I’m even more concerned. I am learning Italian and would love it if a definition would pop up when I hover over an icon.

Che cazzo dice??

Works fine for me. Pretty funny stuff.


I downloaded this app intending to use it for an Instagram post. Doesn’t work. Can only use for text.

Fun but annoying

When using the app my ability to get back to my keyboard is often disabled. I must then exit from the App to rewrite a message.

Full Access???

I don't understand why the app needs full access! Allowing the developer to have access to everything I type? Not good, invasion of privacy! And the excuse that it's needed for it to work does not cut it, there has to be something you (developer) can do.... the emojis are awesome but it's a big NO to full access.

It's like having my Grandparents online.

This app cracks me up! I love the animation. And since my Grandparents made every one of these gestures I know where/when to use them. As for people complaining about access by the developer, you're online. Privacy is an illusion.

Waste of $$

The hand emoji that is the logo is not even one of their emojis and the way it works it really inconvenient wish i could get my $$ back

Waste Of Money - Do Not Buy

This app requires full access -- which means to everything you TYPE with your keyboard and everything you HAVE TYPED PREVIOUSLY with your keyboard. This includes credit card info and God knows whatever else you've typed thinking it's a personal text convo or note to self. Partial access only allows about 5 emojis and they are the stupid ones -- like people standing, not even the flag, grapes, or cannolis. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF $2 for an app deleted 5 minutes after purchase. Too bad this place doesn't allow refunds.

Mensa mens

The idea is great but these aren't emojis they're gifs. It's very clunky the way you have to switch keyboards and then you have to copy and paste a large picture not insert an inline emoji.

Italian Emoji

I do not like that the developer has free access to my content. I can't really use it unless I turn it on and off. The emojis are five star otherwise. Allow for better privacy for your buyers.

The Best!

Reminds me of my grandparents! Exact gestures. Great! I hope they keep adding more to the list!!!

Good but concerning

I love the comedy of the app and Italian language but what I don't like is the fact is that they can access my address and accounts


Not happy that you have to give the developer free access

Real Italian Gestures!

I can't stop laughing and using this app. It reminds me so much of my family & friends.

Funny App

Use it through the app if you don't wanna give full access. Overall great app, hilarious to use when texting with my parents.

So funny

these make my text messages to my friends much more interesting. Five stars.

Easy to use

Lets you share emoji from the app So you don't have to worry about security with the keyboard. Spitting images of my grandparents.


Don't buy! App gives full access to your keyboard including credit card info and your address. Apple should remove this app!

Forget about it!!!!

Definitely not worth paying for! Emojis are not what was shown as available. Money wasted. Don't like 3rd party access requirement either. Lesson learned. 0 stars


You need to give this developer full access to your phone to use this app. Apple tells me in a pop up that by giving them full access, that all my info, including credit card info would be available to his developer

Waste of my $

Won't work, plus must give full access of all info & emojis are HUGE. Don't waste your $

Not worth it

Not much selection for $2. Emoji are gigantic!! The creator was more worried about making things move than about functionality. App requires access to my data. No way! Already removed app. Lost money. :(

They're all huge!

I thought these were going to be little emoji's I could tag onto a message, but they come out as enormous. I won't use them.


Can't use the app unless I give full access to my current and previous texts which couldn't include credit card numbers!

Battery usage

The app has funny emojis but the app eats up my battery within minutes.

Doesn't install correctly

After install I was unable to access the app while using iMessage. Developers were unable to help figure out what to do to make it right and wouldn't offer refund. Don't waste your money

Italian American Must Have!

This just makes me and my Italian American friends & family smile! All of the gestures and fun foods and trinkets that you grew up watching your grandma do!

Great Fun

The only thing missing is a bocce emoji.


Menza Menza. Kind of sorry I bought this even though it's only two dollars. Not many pictures, hard to make out with the guy is doing with his gestures, only a few pictures that I like. I will probably never use this

Not too shabby

I think it's great !! Just need to add a few more.


Make sure scroll down as well as to the right to see all the icons

Cannot get app to work

Disappointed- the emojis copy, but do not paste into my messages. Please update when this is resolved and I will leave a revised review.

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